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Divelink International Technologies Inc. has developed the first totally hands free wireless underwater communications system in the world, incorporating a number of innovations and patented technology into a compact ergonomic design.

Mark Stone, Divelink's founder, was contracted by Nokia of Finland, the world's largest cellular phone company, in 1988 to develop the automatic voice-activated (VOX) technology for the scuba diving market. He was working in their Finland plant at the time. When Nokia sold their diving division in 1991 Mark purchased the project he was leading and repatriated the technology to Canada. It was there he continued to improve the plastic moulds, and the electrical, mechanical and production systems.

Divelink continues to improve their technology, and is tailoring the specifications of a number of products to the field of search and rescue. Divelink is currently working with military dive units and numerous police and fire department dive teams to meet their specialized needs.

Divelink Technology
Divelink® is built on custom chip technology. The patented voice recognition chip is not triggered by bubble or ambient noise and automatic gain and squelch leaves the diver hands free for the duration of the dive.

Divelink® has the only waterproof microphone on the market. It can be repeatedly flooded and withstand pressure differentials to depths of over 200 ft. Divers can communicate with each other at a range of up to 4500 feet. The Divelink system attaches to any mask, and can be fully integrated into an existing system. Divelink® is the only system equipped with an emergency signal that alerts other divers and the surface when a diver is in distress. The mouthpiece is a patented silicon rubber speaking cavity and doesn't require any straps.

Divelink's system is the first to fit all sport diving training criteria.

Divelink's underwater communication system is priced between $759 US for a standard model and $1500 US for custom-built specialized equipment.

"I've been extremely satisfied with the performance of my units and I'd recommend Divelink to any recreational or technical diver looking for a cost effective, high performance solution to underwater communication needs." Pierce Hoover, Sport Diver Magazine

Who's Using Divelink? The Divelink® system is used around the world in situations which require a reliable hands free underwater communications system. Divelink has quickly become a fundamental dive tool in the field of search and rescue, scientific data gathering, movie production, underwater photography, seafood harvesting, salvaging, weapon retrieval and diver instruction.

Divelink's client list includes the US Navy Seals, Disney World, the Seattle Aquarium, New York Police and Fire Departments, National Geographic Magazine and over forty search and rescue dive units in the North America.

Divelink equipment was used on the set of Flipper (the TV series), GI Jane and Lake Placid, allowing Hollywood directors to stay in contact with their underwater camera operators and actors.

Related: Technical diving wreck of Blackbeard the Pirate's Flagship was discovered in April, 2001, ABC asked Divelink how to conduct a live interview between the Good Morning America crew in New York and the divers on the ocean floor in North Carolina. The diver's voice was picked up by the surface unit and then retransmitted via a cellular phone which was attached to the surface unit. The result was a broadcast quality interview which was wireless through the water as well as wireless through the air. It was a first in the industry.

The term Divelink is synonymous with underwater communications in Japan. The Divelink® system is used exclusively at over 15 major resorts throughout coastal Japan where guests participate in tours of the resorts dive sites.

Divelink's listen-only Explorer model has proven indispensable for dive instructors giving open water skills demonstrations and instruction. The class doesn't have to repeatedly return to the surface for detailed explanations, speeding up the rate of learning.

Contact Information: Divelink International Technologies Inc. 203 Harbour Road, Building 3 Victoria BC V9A 3S2

North America: 1-800-348-7815 International: 250-479-4868 Fax: 250-479-5980 Email: pete@divelink.net www.divelink.net

Contact For Media: Mr. David Davies Harbourwerks Communications Tel: (250) 382-4332 E-mail: ddavies@harbourwerks.com

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