Technologies providing communications solutions for divers

The first completely hands-free system of wireless underwater voice-activated communication allowing divers to communicate with each other and the surface, was developed and manufactured by Divelink International Technologies Inc. The Divelink system underwater unit can be attached to any mask and can be fully integrated into an existing system. It is the only system equipped with an emergency signal to alert other divers and the surface when a diver is in distress.

In April 2001 the underwater-to-surface communication test of DIVELINK communication system was carried out from underwater at Race Rocks. It turned out possible to add the underwater sound, carried by a sonar from approximately 50 meters depth, to live webcasts. Video of the audiocheck is available. In December 2002 Divelink introduced its unique underwater communication system. For that moment it was the only multi-channel system of the sort. Its range of operation reached 2000 metres.

Another leader in state-of-the-art underwater communication systems is Ocean Technology Systems Company, offering its products for sport, commercial, movie industry, search & rescue and military uses. Among its products is Buddy Phone, which is a complete line of ultrasonic transceivers for sport divers allowing easily relay important messages like tank pressure, time to surface, etc. There's a choice of other custom designed systems to meet specific demands of military forces, search & rescue teams, commercial and technical divers.

A network-based digital technology for wireless underwater communications was developed and announced in 2007 by the Swedish Defense Research Agency (FOI). Originally the research on underwater communications was intended for military purposes, but ultimately the results obtained found many civilian applications. The infrastructure of sensors built at the sea floor allows faster and more reliable transmission of the information, including transmission of images, sound and video films.

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