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The Caymans are the British overseas territory located in the western Caribbean Sea and consisting of 3 small islands. Grand Cayman, which is the biggest of the three, appears to be just a little bit over 20 miles long. The Caymans can't boast the variety of underwater marine life characteristic to the dive locations, say, in the Indian Ocean in places like Bali, Phuket etc. Instead it offers marvelous attraction for wall diving. The Caymans walls seem endless when you descend, and you start wondering where those walls have any bottom at all. On days when the water is transparent and visibily is good, a dive brings to you both fear-inspiring and strangely beautiful feeling you might go down such drop off and disappear there forever.

All scuba diving facilities and dive tour operators in the Caymans are regulated by the Cayman Watersports Operators Assocation that has declared safety their target number one for all scuba divers. Some strict standards are set for dive boats and the requirements for the way they must be equipped are very enforced. As for the scuba divers, the recommended maximum dive depth for them is set 100 ft (approximately 30 meters) with strong prohibition of going down deeper than 110 feet. Safety is the priority!

Wall dives are guided, and there's never more than 1 dive group per reef guided by 2 divemasters, 1 dive boat at a time at a dive site to exclude re-surfacing to the wrong boat if there were two diveboats at the divesite simultaneously.

The Grand Cayman is famous for its shallow water dives to see and play with stingrays at the depth of 5 meters on the sandy bottom of the sea. This place is called the Grand Cayman Stingray City.


Though stingrays are venomous sea creatures who can sting using a stinger located at the end of their long tail, they are by no means aggressive towards humans and you may even take along some mollusques and feed them absolutely safely. Very few cases of a diver beeing stung by stingray have been reported. You never risk being stung if you are careful enough not no step on a specie idly lying on the sea bottom half-hidden in the sand. Just be attentive with your fins while walking on the sea bed.

Stingray City

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