New scuba diving destinations: East Puerto Rico

Compared to other scuba diving destinations in the world, like Egypt or Thailand, there are only few dive centers and scuba diving schools across Puerto Rico. Still, the diving there is amongst the best in the world in spite of the fact that comparatively few scuba divers travelled to Puerto Rico, and therefore the island remains essentially not discovered by recreational scuba divers.

East Puerto Rico Diving is one of the dive centers that offer scuba diving tours along the east coast of Puerto Rico. The dive tours start at the Yacht Club in Palmas del Mar. The comfortable 37ft long purpose built dive boat of East Puerto Rico Diving can reach up to 20 mph and will get you to any of the dive sites in no time! The dive boat has an extra wide swim platform and a custom built, extra deep dive ladder so getting back on the boat is easy, even in choppy seas.

Diving in Puerto Rico offers opportunity to observe variety of undersea life and coral reefs hardly seen anywhere else in the world. Besides great scuba diving opportunities Puerto Rico also offers some unforgettable sightseeing, like Old San Juan and its famous fortress El Morro and the El Yunque Rain Forest. Beautiful long sandy beaches are waiting for visitors all around the island. Puerto Rico is worth more than one visit! If scuba diving is not your thing, enjoy snorkeling or swimming in the warm Caribbean water, sun bathing under palm trees with a cool cocktail glass in your hand or go for a walk through the only rain forest of the USA.

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