Scuba Diving & Recreation in Philippines and Micronesia. Tropical Wonderland of Boracay.

Boracay Scuba Diving and Snorkeling Sites

Bat Cave, Yapak, Punta Bunga, Banlingai, Diniwid, Friday's Rock, Virgin Drop, Camia Wreck, Lobster Rock, Coral Garden, Angol Point, Laguna De Boracay, Tulobhan Reef, Malabunot, Crocodile Island, Laurel Island, Laurel, Channel, Carabao Island, Cathedral Cave, Village Reef, Village Mountain, West Wall, Unidos Point, Nasog Point, Dog Drift, Buruanga, Black Rock. There are approximately 7000 in the Philippines, but one of them deserves your special attention, if you intend to visit.

It is the tiny island of Boracay that is situated in the Aklan province 200 miles to the south of Manila, and a little bit more than 1 mile off the northwest tip of the mainland island of Panay. Tourist can travel there direct by air from Manila or Cebu via any of the nearest airports, Caticlan airport or Kalibo airport.

The island is well known and famous throughout the world by its crystal clear warm blue waters, sugar-fine white sand beaches, and especially as a destination number one for scuba diving both for beginner divers and advanced dive masters.

Going to dive Borracay is particularly interesting for those attracted by coral reef diving, for local reef waters are abundant with lots of coral fish you might not just observe or film, but also feed from hands. Both diving boats, snorkeling gear, and scuba equipment are available locally for rent, and if you are a complete novice, experienced instructors would be more than happy to teach you right away for an affordable price.

The marine life in the sea waters of Philippines in general and of Boracay in part is overwhelming, literally thousands of species: lion fish, damsel fish, angle fish, jacks, sea bass, reef sharks, Green sea turtles, crustaceans, jacks, grouper, surgeon fish, tangs, pygmy Sea horses, trumpet fish, fusiliers, garden eels, red bass, barrel sponges, octopus, famous bamboo shark, triton trigger fish and the very rare ghost pipe fish.

If you plan snorkeling trips, you should care to hire a local guide, who knows the currents and who can ensure you avoid possible dangers. Remember this important danger warning so your snorkeling experience would be free of dangers.

The most famous hotels and resorts in Boracay are Fridays Resort, Nami Resort, Boracay Regency Beach Resort, Lorenzo South, Discovery Shores, Nami Resort 357 Boracay, Blue Waves Beach House, Nigi-nigi Too Beach, Boracay Ocean Club Resort, Asya Boracay.

It's really great place for Honeymoon, Diving and Adventure Travel and Tours for Group & Family Vacations.

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