Dive Koh Tao

What is Koh Tao?

Located in the Gulf of Thailand, the perfectly small island of Koh Tao is a heavenly piece of the blessed tropical land with fascinating scenery both above and below the sea level that truly deserves being called scuba diver's paradise. With its beautiful beaches and warm sea abundant with variety of marine life to watch, fish, or hunt for, this tourist destination attracts lots of avid scuba diving or snorkeling addicts all year around.

Getting there from other places in Thailand

Koh Tao's exotic dive resorts can easily be reached from any other destination throughout Thailand. The distances to Koh Tao are 60 km from Chumphon, 65km from Koh Samui, 110 km from Surat Thani, and 600 kilometers from the Siam's capital and the nation's biggest city Bangkok.

Nearby Scuba Diving Destinations

Other islands nearby that are popular with scuba divers from all countries of the world are Koh Nang Yuan and Koh Phangan from amongst small islands, and Koh Chang from the big ones, Ko Chang being in fact the second biggest island of the Kingdom.


Besides scuba diving and snorkeling, the island has to offer wealth of other recreational activities both for families and group or individual tourists, including but not limited to the activities such as rock climbing, biking, wakeboarding, sea kayaking, boating, yachting etc. Renting a yacht with a skipper is $ 400 a day.


Koh Tao's nightlife is remarkably interesting, funny, and buzzy, sometimes wild, even if the island is very small. You will be surprised by the widest choice of bars and clubs in the island's two main villages Mae Haad and Sairee, different places offering different atmosphere, but everywhere there are lots of opportunities to meet interesting, nice people to enjoy partying together with. The bar owners and staff are very friendly, the drink prices are very moderate, just mind, drinking alcohol and diving with scuba are two things that do not match. Don't yield temptation to abuse, especially if you plan to go dive, snorkel or go on a yacht trip early in the morning. Again, don't dive under the influence!

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