A week long scuba diving tour to Balaklava in the south-west of Crimea

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A week long scuba diving tour to the Black Sea has been offered since 2007 by AccessCrimea, the leading tour operator in Crimea, Ukraine. Now scuba diving fans can enjoy opportunity to experience both dives with scuba and snorkeling in Balaklava, in the south-west of the Crimea. Balaklava's unique and fascinating location offers mix of history and natural beauty. It was the location of the Crimean war of 1853-1856 between Russia from one side and Britain, France and Turkey from another. It was also the southern-most point that the German troops reached in the World War 2.

Balaklava's clean waters and magnificent scenery provide great environment for scuba diving, exploring, or just relaxing on one of its numerous wild beaches. There are approximately 30 dive sites, with an array of shipwrecks, underwater caves, vertical walls, and even an old Soviet submarine factory built into a mountain in the region of Balaklava. Thia is the scuba diving destination for people who like to experience something truly new and exciting.

"Many divers today are looking for something new and off the beaten path. Balaklava is the destination for such divers," says the founder and operator of the AccessCrimea, a British national who has been residing in Crimea for over 5 years. "There's a lot more to this trip than just diving: the tour includes a day in Kiev, and two tours to Crimea's main sites; the ancient cave towns at Bakhchisarai, and the historical palaces of Crimea's stunning south coast."

Being a small company, AccessCrimea offers its service on a very personal level. To find out more about the suggested diving tour and other services by the same company in the Crimean cities of Sevastopol, Simferopol, Evpatoria, Yalta, Feodosia, Alupka, Sudak and Kerch , you may wish to check out their website at accesscrimea.com. The services are very flexible, and individual itinerary can be tailored should client wish so.

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Ukrainians uncover Crimean British Navy vessel:
Ukrainian archaeologists say they have identified the remains of HMS Prince, a British naval vessel that sank off Balaclava during the Crimean War. The sinking, with all 150 men on board, caused outrage not only for the human toll, but because thousands of badly needed winter uniforms were also lost. The ship had not been found since it sank during a storm in November 1854.

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