Scuba Diving in Abu Dhabi

Scuba diving in Abu Dhabi is a multi-billion dollar industry that has gained immense popularity with lots of tourists and professional divers owing to better equipment, safety and innovative approach to different aspects of this wonderful recreational activities. Abu Dhabi has become also venue of other adventure sports such as, for example, power boat racing or yachting. Along with scuba diving, one of the other most prevalent active exotic hobbies and watersports activities is deep sea fishing that everyone has opportunity to enjoy in the emirate of Dubai. Scuba diving is not recommended at the western coast off the neighboring Dubai due to poor underwater visibility. The visibility there has been affected by construction processes near by. Scuba diving in Abu Dhabi will allow a diver see huge turtles, some exotic fishe species, eels, sharks and even swim with dolphins, provided you are lucky enough. Al Boom Diving. What is Al Boom Diving? It is Dive School which provides PADI Dive Courses, boats for diving trips and surfing instruction.

Wadi Bashing

What is wadi bashing? Wadi stands for dry riverbed, which becomes available for car driving during the dry season. Such dry desert riverbeds can be found anywhere in the desert surrounding Abu Dhabi. These dry riverbeds make perfect routes for the adventure four wheel driving. You always get a chance to get engaged in wadi bashing when you go on a desert safari in Dubai or Abu Dhabi. Every person visiting the United Arab Emirates shouldn't fail to add wadi bashing to their list of the adventure sports activities to be tried while on a tour to the Persian Gulf. Adrenaline is guaranteed! Only don't forget to consult a local wadi bashing instructor and, probably,

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