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Sipadan and the adjacent islands

The island of Sipadan is so small that few maps are detailed enough to show its whereabouts. It lies on the East coast of Sabah, in the Sulu Sulawesi Sea, where the diversity of the Indo-Pacific marine life is at its richest. This tiny piece of the Lord's land that is just 20 acres in size is the only deep water off-shore island in Malaysia. In fact what can be seen above the water is the very top of a formerly active volcano rising seven hundred meters from the seabed in clear unpolluted waters. Together with Pulau Kapalai and Pulau Mabul, Pulau Sipadan forms a group of protected islands that is legendary in dive circles having since long time ago secured its position in the five top most famous diving destinations in the world. The fantastically shaped islands, surrounded by immaculate white sand beaches, clear turquoise blue seas and fringing reefs provide a variety of dive experiences. The perfect reefs harbor incredible fish, invertebrate and coral bio diversity. At Sipadan huge schools of hammerhead sharks, jacks and spiraling barracuda can be seen over the 700 meter drop offs, the topography also offers caverns and coral gardens.


Situated to the north of Sipadan, still on the east coast, Pulau Lankayan is fast developing a reputation as a top luxury dive-resort get away. This tiny island, and its surrounding islands, Pulau Billean, Tegipill and Bungkuruan have recently been declared a Marine Protected Area (MPA), the SUGUD Islands Marine Conservation Area. Lankayan, a peaceful jewel in the Sulu Sulawesi Sea, is a one island one resort destination. Visitors here will experience a real sense and feel of untouched tropical paradise. Between diving and snorkeling one can explore the small rainforest or relax on the endless white beach which completely surrounds the island. The diving and snorkeling boast extremely colorful macro fauna and coral, and as such Lankayan has become popular amongst photographers.

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