Best places in Croatia for scuba diving with reasonably priced hotels

Croatia is definitely one of the hottest vacation spots in Europe. Warm, clear, sparkling waters of Mediterranean make the Dalmatian beaches of this country perfect for scuba vacations during summer season. So, when you plan your next vacation, don't fail to consider Croatia.

If you have come to the Croatia's capital Zagreb by plane, which in most cases is, then for water activities you further need to head to the Dalmatian coast, where numerous islands boast excellent resorts with hotels and facilities offering scuba diving activities to tourists. Besides scuba diving, also snorkeling, yachting, sailing etc. are readily available locally for tourist to experience.

Along with scuba diving destinations, Croatia also offers some extremely attractive nudist beaches, often combining the best of the two things. Rates for a holiday in Croatia are very moderate and more economical compared to other similar destinations in the world. We have been getting some exciting feedback about nudist beaches in South Dalmatia and Central and Makarska Riviera, especially resorts like Koversada, Solaris.

Along with scuba diving for adults, most places offer snorkeling for children, many sites being family oriented. Croatian Adriatic Sea is truly an attractive destination for scuba diving enthusiasts, venue for the fans of exploring underwater world and marine life.

If you go on organized dive tour, then some dive centers require that you are in a possession of an internationally acknowledged diving certification like PADI and a valid Croatian diving license. Some resrict maximum dive depth with scuba to 40 meters or so.

Known diving centers in Croatia are Issa Diving Center, Neno's scuba diving club on Korcula Island, Viking family run diving center in the Island of Hvar.


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