Scuba Diving in Asia: Turkey, including dive sites in its European part.

It's special pleasure to bring home from the sea vacation some souvenirs, like shells that will remind you of warm, sunny days and unforgettable trip to some fantastic place. But getting these right from the bottom of the sea, or filming the marine life, or taking pictures etc. is not what scuba diving's all about. Not to be overlooked, as a hobby, scuba diving offers unique and remarkable opportunity for people-minded communication in course of your and theirs active recreation. In places where people gather for scuba diving, you can meet people of business and establish lots of useful contacts. Scuba diving, the same as tennis, golf, windsurfing, skiing or snowboarding is a sport of politicians and businessmen. Otherwise scuba diving offers excellent chance to just gather a cheerful crowd of friends while vacationing in Turkey.

Turkey is located in Europe (south-eastern part of the Balkan Peninsula) and Asia (peninsula of Asia Minor). The Asian and European parts of the country are divided by the Marmara Sea and the Bosphorus and Dardanelles straits. The territory of the country is 779.4 km2, with European part of it accounted for only 23.7 km2. Most of the country border is being washed by the seas: the Black Sea in the north, the Marmara and the Aegean in the west and the Mediterranean in the south. In Europe, Turkey has a length of the border with Bulgaria in the north and with Greece in the west. In Asia, Turkey shares borders with Georgia and Armenia in the Caucasus, Iran and Iraq in the east and with Syria between the rivers Tigris and Euphrates.

The beauty of the Turkey's Red Sea surpasses the Mediterranean Sea in the diversity of its underwater world. It's very hot in summer in Turkey, which provides you extra reason to enjoy lots of swimming or scuba diving. Anyway, Turkey is known better as place of choice for learning scuba diving basics for the beginners. Normally the training is being held in pools of five star hotels and clubs. Instructors and equipment are not available in four-star hotel and just missing in three stars. Nevertheless, tourists can always rent them in a nearby hotel, or on the beach, or in any water sports facility (center).

After practicing scuba diving in the pool you will be offered to perform a couple of practical open water dives with scuba near the shore, either diving right from the terminal or from boats. Those who are not new for scuba diving can join the trips to an island, where you will be transported by a boat or yacht. The schedule normally includes first dive, getting photographed underwater if you wish so, dinner aboard a boat, the second dive, tea with some fruits, and then bringing you back to the hotel.

Compared to the other places for recreation, Kemer is one that is most suitable for scuba diving. Places like Side, Alanya and Belek are not recommended. As for prices, as of 2008 they were as following: 4-day course of training to obtain an internationally recognized scuba diver certificate was around $US 300, a day on a boat with dive instructor was $US 70 per person. Staying at Beldibi is an option. Beldibi is a small town located between Kemer and Antalya, on a narrow strip of coast between Torosskimi mountains and the Mediterranean Sea. It can be a place for excellent weekend. Just relax and gain new experience from scuba diving in the Mediterranean Sea.

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