Offshore yacht and ship registration for your nice new vessel

Offshore Yacht and Ship Registration.

If you are a wealthy client, then information about offshore incorporation and management, yacht, boat and ship registration, as well as some basic information about offshore bank accounts and offshore banking services is for you. Also in this section you will find info on options of confidential obtaining of a second passport. The information will be frequently updated, so don't forget to bookmark this page and re-visit often. This information is delivered absolutely free as a public service, but even if it comes from reliable sources, your use of it is at your own discretion, so you are advised to consult lawyer before actually taking action.

Buying a yacht or a ship is a major acquisition requiring adequate and clever planning. Just the same as every person, every vessel, be it a yacht or bigger ship, needs to possess address and have its own unique name. But that's not all. The registration pattern for a yacht implies several steps and procedures to comply with certain rules. Should you wish to opt to have your yacht registered offshore, the registration can be done in any of approximately forty principal maritime jurisdictions, some of which we intend to place the review of here. Some of the reviews will deal with finance and judicial aspects of different tax and VAT planning and structuring schemes, the others will elaborate on yacht marine insurance options normally available for owner's yacht or ship. The same as domestic registration the offshore registration will provide proof of ownership, which is the main purpose it's intended for. Yacht owners, managers or charterers may wish to take advantage of the knoledge related to offshore legislations offered by offshore maritime jurisdictions of their choice.

Review of new offshore Columbia Yacht Corporation will be published soon. Vessels registrations under the Panama Flag comes next.

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