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Offshore Yacht Registration

Many yacht owners prefer to register their vessel in offshore jurisdictions like Panama, Liberia, the Isle of Man, Cyprus or British West Indies.

The benefits of offshore yacht registration include lower registration fees and opportunity of doing business completely free from tax. Both commercial or private yacht or ship can be registered. Apart from better terms of doing business, under an offshore jurisdiction registration there are less restrictions for such vessel's international waters navigation.

Another advantage offered by offshore registration of your yacht is easier ability to sell your yacht and transfer the ownership to another person or business. All generated profits will be retained with no taxation losses.

Renting or chartering a yacht in offshore jurisdiction is other choice for person seeking to run a tax free commercial trade operations.

Very good offshore jurisdiction is Seychelles. Anyway, if you are a foreign citizen wishing to register a yacht in the Seychelles, the registration is only possible as part of offshore Seychelles shipping company formation. A shipping company is the type of company that is not subject to either direct or indirect taxation of its shipping operations. This kind of offshore company may either own or charter crewed or not crewed ships from other owners. All profits from such activities are allowed to remain in tax-free area. No income tax on the profits derived by offshore company which owns the ship, as well as no tax on the dividends paid by such company are great benefits of the Seychelles flag. With Seychelles, to be eligible for registration the age of the yacht must not exceed 15 years. Soon we intend to compile a list of reliable agents who can lead you through the entire process of formation of offshore company should you need one for offshore registration of your yacht or ship in offshore jurisdiction of your choice in different parts of the world.

The registration process for a yacht comprises several steps and procedures to comply with certain rules. If you choose to have your yacht registered offshore, the registration can be done in any of approximately forty principal maritime jurisdictions, some of which we intend to review soon. Some of the reviews will deal with finance and judicial aspects of different tax and VAT planning and structuring schemes, the others will elaborate on yacht marine insurance options and ship insurance and financing normally available for owner's yacht or ship. Either domestic or offshore registration is intended to provide proof of ownership. Yacht charter options you may wish to take advantage of will also be covered on the forum. Both Members and non-Members are welcome to participate in the discussion.

In our next edition we are going to tell about the real experience of people dealing with options of Seychelles shipping company formation and vessel registrations under the Seychelles Flag.

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