Recreational Yachting. Becoming a Certified Yachtsman.

After learning the basics of yachting you may wish to consider the option of having a complete freedom to navigate, i.e. to become capable of sailing independently and without a hired crew. But in order to be able to operate or steer a yacht independently you must have an internationally recognized certificate confirming your eligibility. Otherwise you won't be allowed to navigate to open sea, be you even owner of a luxurious ocean vessel.

It's universally recognized that the best program of training yachtsmen has been developed and implemented by the British Royal Yachting Association, headquartered in the county of Hampshire (England), with offices and affiliates located all around the world. A certificate issued by that association is respected by all ports and marinas worldwide.

There's also another, more affordable way of learning yachting. You may enroll the courses offered by your local sailing school or yacht club. As for Russia or Ukraine, there are lots of schools of the sort everywhere, but you should be aware that not all of them are licensed. So, the first thing before enrolling should be to determine what type of permit you will get upon completion of the training and who actually recognizes it.

If we take Russia, Russian papers confirming your right to control the yacht aren't recognized anywhere in the world except for Russia itself, be it even the yacht captain permit or certificate. Therefore it is strongly recommended to obtain only naval certificates recognized by RYA from some yachting school abroad. You can opt to be trained and certified as a yachtsman, for example, in Marmaris, Turkey, Yacht school "Yuksel Turn Tech", where an experienced instructor can teach you the basics of yachting just in seven days.

Completing a practical course Competent Crew should constitute your first step to serious yachting. The program includes a yachting basics and piloting. After completing the course you will get the right to steer a yacht or be a trained crew member.

The second stage is comprises a course of theory Day Skipper Shorebased, backed by a practical course Day Skipper Practical. The program includes the basis of controlling vessel, the introduction to the navigation and meteorology, and a device rigged ship. The would be skippers train at sea under the supervision of instructors and receive an international certificate, which allows them to sail as skipper in coastal waters and charter a boat on their own.

The next stage is Coastal Skipper Certificate confirming higher level of qualification and allowing yachtsman sail to sea at any time and in any direction.

Yachtmaster is the highest level of qualification of a yachtsman granting him or her unrestricted right of authorized management of the vessel, as well as full freedom within the terms of the geography of navigation. With the Yachtsmaster level of certification yachtsman can safely cross the ocean!

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